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Home Sweet Home?Libby Kincaid returned to the ranch where she grew up to heal the wounds left by a broken marriage and the death of her beloved stepson

But instead of the solace she craved, she found Jess Barlowe sexy, alluring and mad as hell.For years Jess had been her constant opponent, and now malicious rumors tarnishing her reputation only seemed to enrage him further

But soon these adversarial sparks ignited into a fire of passion, and Jess wouldn't stop until he made her his bride

Unfortunately, Libby knew all too well that being married to a man was no guarantee of his trust or his love. Miller tugs at the heartstrings as few authors can . Publishers Weekly

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Dviej knyg serija Broliai Rotai . Pirma knyga. Dominykas Rotas padar mir tan iam broliui did iul paslaug , o dabar turi mok ti skausming kain . Magnatas negali vie ai pripa inti mylimosios Kasandros k dikio savu mergait pristatoma kaip jo dukter ia. Net ir gav s trok tam moter , jis ino negal si s atskleisti paslapties. Laim s poj tis toks trapus
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Lara Book One of

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author and master of romance Bertrice Small welcomes you to the magical, sensual World of Hetar.For Lara, a half faerie, half human, her beauty is a blessing and a curse. Sold into a Pleasure House by her father, she commits herself to a lifetime of servitude. But even in a place where pleasure is not censured but encouraged, her otherworldly beauty proves too much for her suitors.When Lara escapes, she is introduced to a new way of life, and an incredible man who opens her eyes to the growing unrest among their people
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Michael Bubl

Oma suure ja mitmepalgelise f nnklubi ning produtsent David Fosteri suuniste abil p ab Bubl kontrollida karj ri, mis v ib vahel olla sama tujukas, kui ta on geniaalne. Autor vaatleb samal ajal ka algusaastate kahte t htsamatsuhet Debbie Timussi ja Emily Bluntiga. Samuti on juttu kihlusest ja abielustArgentina n itlejanna ja modelli Luisana Lopilatoga.Ainulaadse talendina, kes oma m tlematute m rkuste ja ootamatuteetteastetega n ib pidevalt flirtivat vastuoluga, paistab Bubl siiski karj riredelilteelahkmel olevat. Raamat Praegusel hetkel Michael Bubl lugu anal sib tema t helepanuv rseid saavutusi praeguseni
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Hero for Hire

HIS ONLY FEARKidnapped as a boy, Chad Andreini had devoted his life to rescuing abducted children. But this anguished mother was different. Alluring Veronica Lancaster stirred within Chad a long-buried desire to belong somewhere-and made more painful the stark dread that he never would .HER ONLY HOPETrusting a total stranger with her precious child's life wasn't easy for Veronica, but walking away from Chad would have been even harder. her child's safe return was all she wanted from this comforting yet cryptic man, until the night they turned to each other in lonely desperation and undeniable desire .
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Главному герою романа Кожа для барабана поручено тайно расследовать дело, в которое Его Святейшество Папа Римский не хочет посвящать светские власти. Отцу Лоренцо Куарту предстоит найти ответы на очень сложные вопросы. Может ли само здание старой церкви убивать людей, грозящих ему уничтожением Почему из-за маленького клочка земли в центре Севильи, где находится эта церковь, схлестнулись в жестокой схватке бедный священник и архиепископ, преуспевающий банкир и красавица из знатного андалусского рода Какие темные страсти скрываются в стенах храмов и под величественными ризами церковников И почему любовь настолько завладевает сердцем человека, что перед ней меркнут и обеты
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Viliok mane

Trij knyg serija Realyb s ou Amerikos aunuoliai . Tre ia knyga. Tris m nesius trukusi realyb s ou Amerikos aunuoliai ok j atranka baig si. Laikas filmavimo komandai keltis Las Vegas . Ta iau yra viena problema tr ksta pagrindin s choreograf s. Patyrusios, kuri i esm s visk pakeist . Tokios kaip ok ja Ket Mor, kuri ir atsitik gi taip yra laidos re isieriaus D eisono Olraito buvusi mona
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Simply Scandalous

New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips continues to delight her many fans with this steamy tale of two unlikely lovers who come together in a way that is Simply Scandalous. Wealthy Assistant D.A. Logan Montgomery needs to ruin his reputation fast! That's the only way he'll be able to convince his father that he's not cut out to follow the family tradition of going into politics. His plan To indulge in a very public fling with a woman whose family is a scandal in itself. It should have been the perfect solution .Only, the more time Logan spends
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Angel keliai

Per Kal das po em vaik to angelai irl , Gudnes ir Mers trys nenuoramos su did iausiu d iaugsmu griebiasi vykdyti joms em je paskirt u duo i . Per Kal das Mersei pavesta suteikti dvasios ramyb senu iukui ir jis randa netik t atsak savo maldas. Gudnes siun iama pri i r ti jaunos moters, nedr stan ios antr kart rizikuoti d l meil s. O irl gavo u duot gyvendinti pa
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Kui Carita ema sureb, teatab tema v rasisa oma kavatsusest naita ta vana ja julma lord Stilburyga. Neiu ainus v imalus on p geneda. P senud oma ratsu seljas p genema, otsib ta kohta, kus bida. Ta n eb, kuidas ks v ras mees kukub hobuse seljast ja j b teadvusetult lamama. Kohalikud talunikud, kes peavad neid meheks ja naiseks, aitavad neid. Kui v ras tuleb teadvusele, saab Carita teada, et ka mees p geneb, et p seda abiellumisest, mida talle peale sunnitakse
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Освобожденный Прометей

Освобожденный Прометей блестящая романтическая драма в стихах, созданная Перси Биши Шелли, величайшим английским поэтом XIX века по мотивам греческих мифов.Главный герой драмы титан Прометей, осужденный верховным олимпийским богом Юпитером терпеть мучительную пытку, не покоряется тирану и предрекает ему падение с престола и вечную тьму
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Hard To Tame

They had secrets Sara Parker was her real name but she'd changed it to hide from the murderer she'd seen. She had no one to turn to, no one to trust .Nick Doucet was his real name but he'd used others while working undercover. Cynical and smart, nothing and no one touched him until he was sent to find Sara for the killer's trial.With consummate skill Nick located Sara and won her trust. And then she realized Nick's real plan. Caught in his arms, she struggled between their rising passion and her long-held fear. Because loving Nick could be more
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Patrik Hedstr mil ja tema kolleegidel Tanumshede politseijaoskonnast on olnud rahulik talv, ent kevade tulles hakkab asju juhtuma. Jaoskonda saabub uus kolleeg Hanna Kruse, asulas hakatakse filmima k mulist t sielusarja Fucking Tanum ja taas kord leiab Fj llbackas aset v givaldne surm. See, mis esialgu paistab tavalise autoavariina, osutub m rvaks. Kui Patrik avastab seosed sarnaste juhtumitega le kogu Rootsis, m istab ta, et kurjategija s dametunnistusel on t en oliselt rohkemgi elusid. Veidi hiljem leitakse ks t sielusarjas osaleja tapetuna pr gikastist. Kas see j hker m rv on seotud nende tagaotsitava sarim rvariga
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Elizabeta Morgan neketino atsisakyti savo tvarkingo gyvenimo. Bet geriausias b das pa inti tikr j save i vykti kelion . Taip ji atsiduria Australijoje prie ais vyri k , prisidengus vien tik rank luos iu. Natanas D onsas tai, ko Elizabetai reikia. Jis gali pad ti gerai mergaitei tapti i ties bloga
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Elena on igatsusest kantud imekaunis lugu ksildasest mehest, kes kohtab hel p eval pargis m istatuslikku naist. Mehele tundub, et ta on naist tundnud juba kaua, kogu elu. V hehaaval saab too naine mehe kinnisideeks. Suveks lahkub naine linnast, mees j rgneb talle, kuid kaotab ta pikaks ajaks silmist. Kui saabub s gis, taipab mees, mis teda selles naises nii j gitult lummanud on. Ja siis nad kohtuvad. Kohtuvad vaid korra. Eesti keeles on Joel Haahtela sulest varem ilmunud Liblikakoguja . Ps hhiaatriadoktor Joel Haahtela s. 1972 kuulub kaasaegse soome kirjanduse parimate
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See meelik itev romaan saab alguse hel 1964. aasta talve htul, mil dr David Henry on sunnitud oma kaksikute s nni ise vastu v tma. Esimesena s ndinud laps, poeg, on t iesti terve, kuid arst m istab kohe, et tema j rgmisena s ndinud t trel on Downi s ndroom. Arst teeb murdosa sekundi jooksul otsuse, mis muudab k igi nende elu igaveseks veendes ennast, et tema motiivid on head. Ta palub Caroline i nimelisel meditsiini el lapse hooldekodusse toimetada. Selle asemel pageb naine teise linna ja kasvatab lapse enda t trena les.
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Danger in the Desert When Jaci finds a seemingly worthless scarab in a Cairo street, the timid librarian turns adventurer. But unless sexy OMEGA agent Deke can keep her safe, the consequences could be deadly which means he ll have to put his sizzling passion for her aside The Sheikh s Lost Princess Sheikh Shakir, scarred by warfare, is ready for the ultimate confrontation. But his deadly mission to bring down his family s arch-enemy is compromised by the discovery that Nikki, the princess who destroyed his heart, is now a prisoner and that rescuing her is his
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